Paul Smith Perfume Optimistic For Him Review: A Safe Foursome

Paul Smith Optimistic Review

Paul Smith Optimistic For Him won’t be the most original nor the deepest, nor the most sophisticated fragrance, but it’s quite pleasant overall. It first came out in 2011 with the version for Her, both created by Francoise Caron (Hermes Eau D`Orange Verte, Rock’n Rose by Valentino among the others).   The opening is very fresh, almost cold. It’s just a generic freshness at first, but then all the layers will start to gradually come out: at first light sweet […] Read more »

Paul Smith Men Perfume Review

Paul Smith for men is the copy cat of another perfume for men, and another one, and another one and so on, and the only reason I will continue with the description is that I can’t remember any of them so I cannot insert a link.   It starts indeed with a nice and clean and spicy kick. It’s pepper, if you ask me, but it’s polished, not tingling, and with a rubber quality at times. The blotter is way […] Read more »