Ricci Ricci Review: Nina, You’ll Be A Woman Soon

Ricci Ricci perfume

The cool thing about Ricci Ricci by Nina Ricci is that the citrus notes of the start won’t disappear after two minutes, but will stay in the form of bergamot, with its typical piercing freshness, together with delicate, almost pale floral.   The two sides are connected but detectable and have a great balance, btw, so your skin may give out more one or the other in different degrees.    But wait, it gets better.   After about half an […] Read more »

Nina Ricci Premier Jour Eau De Parfum

…it would be like Premier Jour. I love Premier Jour Nina Ricci perfume for the same reasons why I hate Flowerbomb, but with opposite signs.   The opening was quite floral and dense, it felt like rose at first (but there’s none in the notes), and just when I thought I was in for a heady ride, the perfume toned down. The florals are quite generic at this stage, and although the intensity is fairly low, there seem to be […] Read more »

Nina Nina Ricci

Hmmm, Nina, dolce amore the song goes (WARNING: Italian pop music from the 80s), you’re lovely, pretty and smiling, so why didn’t you convince me?   We went for a coffee and a stroll, and after a citrusy opening, she showed florals and apples, wrapped by a distinct sweetness. It’s far from cloying or gourmand though, and it only occupies half of the olfactory space. The rest feels lightly peppery.   To get an idea, imagine a small portion of […] Read more »

Here you have your history lesson, no, not this perfume review, I mean the perfume itself. Nina Ricci L Air Du Temps  was created right after the war, in 1948, by Francis Fabron. What you smell today is a slightly different formula, as the original had to be changed due to ever-evolving allergen regulations, and probably (as it always happens with perfumes that have been around for decades) to cut some costs by substituting those ingredients that had become too expensive […] Read more »