Narciso Rodriguez For Him Edt: Alive With Ominous Darkness

Narciso Rodriguez For Him Fragrance Review

The opening of For Him by Narciso Rodriguez is a boiling cauldron. It reminded me of Opium by YSL, not for the notes but for the warm life that emanates from them.   Someone would call it death though, and they wouldn’t be wrong. This Narciso Rodriguez is not for any him, the opening is strong enough to scare away the nose that is too comfortable with spicy clean masculine that “smell so good.”   For Him doesn’t, indeed it’s […] Read more »

musk extracted from deers ass

 This is a great perfume, and for a quite simple reason: many fragrances start to get interesting in the dry-down, when musk enters the stage, giving its warm and – to various degrees, depending on the mix – animalic contribution. With For Her Narciso Rodriguez, you will have all that, but from the very start, and after only 30 minutes you already know there’s still plenty of room for changes and surprises.   A couple of words on musk. It’s […] Read more »