Moschino Pink Bouquet: Here For A Good Time

Pink Bouquet Moschino Review

Sparkling fruity bubble gum and flowers from the start: you might have had enough of these fruity floral launches, but if this is not uplifting I don’t know what that is. And although you’ll probably get bored soon with it, Pink Bouquet by Moschino is here for a good time, not for a long time.   The fruits are red and bright, the florals are girly, and they will push out the pink for the first hour. After that, the […] Read more »

Moschino Forever Fragrance Review

Forever By Moschino starts clean and citrus, like any good men’s cologne would do. If you’re looking for an aromatic fougere, the main reason why you would choose this is if the sales assistant sprays it on you before you have the chance to take a look at the other colognes in the same category.   But – and thankfully – there seems to be something else other than a mind-numbing conformity in this fragrance, and it comes in the […] Read more »

pyramid of notes no longer a reference in perfumery

I Loved this one (capital L), what I don’t love is when Sales Assistants call it mosheeno: it’s MosKIno, ladies OK?   The beginning is fruity, something in the line of peach, but with no added sugar. And then the fun begins, because this Parfum Moschino changes, and then changes again, then turns sideways, and resumes from the start. It shows non-intense, non-soapy floral notes, and then citrusy notes in the line of mandarin and orange and even, at some […] Read more »