Honey Marc Jacobs For Women: Guess What? It’s Fruity Floral…

Honey perfume for women is the latest arrival in the Marc Jacobs family. If, after Lola, Daisy, Daisy Eau So Fresh and Dot, you expected something other than a fruity floral, you were, oh, so wrong.   A fruity-floral fragrance for women is what it is, with pear and honeysuckle.   The good thing about that is, in spite of its name, they didn’t make the honey note obvious. Indeed, it’s very well blended and polished; rather than standing out, […] Read more »

Perfume Lola By Marc Jacobs Review

After Daisy Eau So Fresh and Dot, another variation (indeed, the oldest one of the three, as it was launched in 2009) of the green fruity floral theme by Marc Jacobs, this time leaning towards rose.   Right off the bat it’s a juicy and fragrant pear wrapped in a vinyl rose layer, which smells similar to the flowers on top of the bottle. In the first part there’s a secondary note of citrus as well, which soon disappears, as […] Read more »

Daisy For Women By Marc Jacobs Eau De Toilette

Marc Jacobs Daisy is a masterpiece of elusiveness. Is it there? Is it not there? There are delicate florals mixed with semi-sweet reed fruits, but it’s all sparse, as if they used water instead of alcohol to dilute the juice.   It’s a young and bright perfume for the day, and something you would wear for yourself mainly, because you like it, not because you want the others to smell it on you.   The presence of musky notes at […] Read more »

Marc Jacobs Bang Review

This new edition of Marc Jacobs Bang adds an extra bang and does what it says on the tin. It starts with a good dose of citrus notes and a layer of metallic paint on it, similar to Azzaro Chrome if you will, although this one is more citrusy and less laundry clean.   The metallic thing is actually cardamom, or something of that sort (it’s a tad sweet as well), it becomes more evident when the lemon notes leave, […] Read more »

Marc Jacobs Perfume For Men

Marc Jacobs Men perfume starts creamy and citrusy, and you already know that spices are going to come, just like in Dolce & Gabbana The One Gentleman. When they do however, they will be gentle and mix politely with the other notes. There you have a triangle with smooth cardamom, a creamy side with a light and attractive sweetness, and some neutral florals, which indeed remain a bit in a corner.   The sweet side in this Marc Jacobs cologne for […] Read more »

Dot By Marc Jacobs Perfume Review

This is a brand new perfume by Marc Jacobs and the style is all there: green, green, green. And red as well. After all, what would you expect from a bottle like that?   There are red fruity notes at the start, with a certain sweetness. Gradually, the florals blend in and it’s all wrapped in a vegetable greenness. The green accord of this Marc Jacobs Dot perfume is pretty, simple and straightforward, and the floral and the fruity are […] Read more »

marc jacobs eau so fresh

Eau my god this is such a cheer-up perfume! It was created in 2011 by Alberto Morillas (whom – thanks to this – I officially forgive for creating that unpleasant concoction called 212 Sexy for women) as a gentler variation of the official Daisy from 2007 (here is the comparison between the two).   The opening is fruity, a little bubble-gummy, but soft, not sour, and not overly sweet. I normally associate that to the unobtrusive taste of pears (the […] Read more »