Jimmy Choo Flash Review: A Smooth Place To Lie Down

Reviews ofJimmy Choo Flash Perfume

After the flamboyant and opaque peach of the debut of the same name, Jimmy Choo comes back with a completely different thing. If you read the tag hanging from the bottleneck, you’ll know Flash is a floriental, which is assigned to those floral fragrances with a warm and oriental edge, often in the form of vanilla.   But you’ll have to wait until the end to get all that, because Jimmy Choo Flash Eau de Parfum opens at the other […] Read more »

Jimmy Choo Fragrance Review

Ever smelt a peach glazed with glue? That’s what the first 30 seconds of this perfume Jimmy Choo feel like. And peach, or something quite similar to it, will be the signature note until the dry down. It’s fresh, with some of the crispness of pear, and although it tends to be tyrannical almost to the point of boring, it’s all the stuff happening around it that deserves to be told.   This Jimmy Choo parfum is – of course […] Read more »