Perfume Hugo Boss Bottled Night Review: Cool Name For The Wrong Perfume

Boss Bottled Night Eau De Toilette

Are Hugo Boss perfumes really “the deepest pit of hell” as Chandler Burr calls them in his The Perfect Scent?  I opened the lid to see what fetid vapours I would find, and I came out of the experience unscathed, although, I have to admit, not really impressed.   Bottled Night Hugo Boss starts with citrus, fruity and slightly sweet notes, which soon turn out to be a very fragrant lemon. They could  – and should  – have lasted more, […] Read more »

Hugo Boss Orange Perfume Review

Would you expect to smell something called Orange Hugo Boss and find orange in it? Of course not, c’mon it’s like smelling a perfume coming from a green apple-shaped bottle and expect to find green apple in there.   OK I’m hyperbolizing (yes, it’s a word) a little: of course there is orange in here, as well as there is green apple in DKNY Be Delicious, just don’t expect a shower of squeezed orange and juicy bits on you. It’s […] Read more »

Just Different By Hugo Boss Review

Unless they meant it with reference to the original Hugo from 1995, Just Different is only Slighty Different from many other woody aromatic masculine around.   The only moment where the name is fully deserved is in the opening notes, with a super-interesting aroma, that is vegetable green and damp in an almost unpleasant way, like of laundry that was left in the washing machine for too long before being hung to dry.   As it settles down however, it […] Read more »