Terre Hermes Eau De Perfume: Earth, Orange And Barbwire

Terre D'hermes By Hermes Perfume

Hermes Terre Perfume for men is not overpowering. It will stay in the background, but keeping a strong presence. That was the instant review of the Starbucks guy who prepared my tea today, and it couldn’t make more sense (and I love it when these observations come from people who are – supposedly – not perfume experts, nor serial reviewers).   For the first part, Terre perfume is an orange hidden among tree branches, covered with soil, in the humid […] Read more »

Hermes Jardin En Mediterranee Review

This is the third experience with a Hermes perfume from the Un Jardin series, after Sur Le Nil and Sur Le Toit. The first was almost unbearable (sorry, Jean-Claude), while the second was great. With Un Jardin En Mediterranee Perfume, I think I finally started to grasp a common thread in the series (Apres Le Mousson is the fourth and last one, we’ll see if this thing is confirmed), which I would call a powdery ripeness.   To simplify, the […] Read more »

Un Jardin Sur Le Toit By Hermes Perfume Review

Before I try and describe Un Jardin Sur Le Toit, let me share a nagging feeling I’m having. If perfume is a form of art, then Ellena is one of the top artists. And what I’m starting to feel is the same discomfort that a non-expert in art feels in front of a work of an important painter, and asks himself: that’s really beautiful, but… what’s so great in here?   And believe me, that is not meant as a […] Read more »

Un Jardin Sur Le Nil By Hermes For Women And Men

After reading the whole story of its creation in Chandler Burr’s The Perfect Scent I had great expectations for this one. I know Jean-Claude Ellena is a regular reader of this blog (OK, that is, of course, not true, but wouldn’t it be cool if it was, and throw this out in your face with fake casualness?), so I’m sure he’ll understand, after all, his Declaration is my favourite perfume.   OK I’ll say it in one single breath: I […] Read more »

Hermes Perfume For Women Eau Des Merveilles Eau De Toilette

Let’s start by (over)simplifying a little: Hermes Merveilles perfume is where orange meets amber. And, like those couples where one has an outspoken personality and the other won’t talk nor smile too much, results may vary.   If what you get on your skin – as I did on the paper strip – is a prominent orange and lemon, then amber will provide a warm support, although the overall effect made me think at times of a herbalist’s shop. If, […] Read more »

Hermes Caleche Perfume Review

Probably not the best choice, reviewing this in one of the hottest weeks that Ireland has ever offered… What I’m sampling here is not the original Caleche, created in 1961 by Guy Robert, but the Soie de Parfum edition, and I’m not sure what type of concentration it is. Strangely enough, there is not a lot of info on this fragrance, according to NST it was created in 1992.   Soie Caleche By Hermes contains aldehydes, which are synthetic molecules […] Read more »