Gucci Premiere Eau De Parfum: Empathylessly Perfect

Gucci Premiere is the new “essence” by Gucci, if you want to believe the ad. Calling it EdP or perfume would have been to crass I suppose.   It starts with citrus notes, but different sides soon join in, in the form of dense white florals and a creamy fruitiness. The subtle creaminess is the cipher of this Gucci fragrance for women. It keeps all the notes together, makes the fragrance classy and mature, and that’s probably where the golden […] Read more »

Perfume Gucci Guilty For Women

Gucci Guilty fragrance starts fruity and sweet, and then it goes sweet-floral full speed after a couple of minutes. When the florals finally find some balance, the fruits come out again (peach, if you ask me) and turn out to be a fair amount. Sweet notes however still own the room, and make this a sweet-floral with a fruity side.   On the blotter it goes easier, it’s more sparkling and fresher. On the skin it’s more animalic (according to […] Read more »

I’m usually way more diplomatic, both in this perfume blog and IRL, but in spite of the great popularity that Perfume Rush Gucci still enjoys, I couldn’t help asking: what’s there to like, really? It’s a faint sugar-sweet peachy floral, that is neither fish nor fowl, smelling synthetic all the way and in a bad way, and with sweet notes that are neither graceful nor attractive.   It was created in 1999 by Michel Almairac (Chloe EdP), but I think […] Read more »

Flora Gucci Perfume

I don’t know about you, but Gucci Flora reminds me a lot of Flowerbomb. There are two sides: one sweet, one floral, so you can decide if to see it as too cloying or very delicate. Unlike with Flowerbomb however, I personally went for the latter, maybe because the sweet side is not pralinic (it’s not a word, I know), but comes from red fruits.   The opening of this Flora by Gucci perfume sets the tone immediately, and the […] Read more »