Gucci By Gucci: A Sophisticated Touch In Semi-Darkness

Gucci By Gucci Fragrance For Women was created by Ilias Ermenidis (Vera Wang Princess) and launched in 2007. It is a fruity fragrance, however you can forget about spring and fresh and think fall and dark. Or semi-dark actually, with a good amount of warm sweetness.   The fruits in the opening are in the line of pear, but it’s ripe, not juicy, and it’s mixed with a sweet patchouli and other semi-sweet florals (nothing like rose or other strong […] Read more »

Gucci Guilty Intense Pour Homme Review

This Intense version of Gucci Guilty perfume for men starts citrusy with – I would say – red orange, and that will remain one of the main notes of this fragrance, thanks to the fact that my skin didn’t destroy it. The result however, is warm rather than fresh, prelude to the common quality of a diffused darkness just like in Gucci by Gucci for women. The fragrance then adds some herbs and gentle florals to the citrus, and the […] Read more »

Gucci Guilty Pour Homme and Guilty Black

For the first time I’ll have to break the one-perfume-one-review rule, but it would have been impossible to describe Gucci Guilty Pour Homme (2011) and the PH Black version (2013) with a decent number of words, if I had done it separately.   They both put together a little bit of this and a little bit of that, creating a dark and hazy cloud of aromatic, spicy and clean notes, which never gets to get a shape. Perhaps, if you’re […] Read more »

Eau De Toilette Chance De Chanel Review

Let’s say you’re looking for a low-tone fragrance to wear during your daily activities. You don’t dislike florals, but you don’t like them too powerful. At the same time, you want something simple but not completely linear, and maybe with some hidden complexity.   Well, look no more  because that’s what the EdT version of Chanel Chance is about. It’s one of the three flankers of the original Eau de Parfum, with Tendre, and Fraiche) and it’s least mentioned (heck, […] Read more »

Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia Eau De Toilette Spra

Gorgeous Gardenia Eau De Toilette opens fresh and almost balsamic, with a ripe and pulpy pear, and a certain idea of florals already in the background. In the heart notes there’s a slow transition to a more marked floral, but… where’s the gardenia? I was expecting some buttery stuff (like in Velvet Gardenia by Tom Ford and Truth Or Dare by Madonna for example), but there’s none of that in Gorgeous Gardenia By Gucci.   This is the third fragrance […] Read more »

Flora by Gucci Gracious Tuberose Review

Gracious Tuberose is the second of the five fragrances of the Gucci Flora Garden Collection (after Glamorous Magnolia) you can find here. It starts by doing justice to its adjective: it’s gracious, pure and awesome, with fruity tones mixed with soapy floral notes. Tuberose is notoriously an intense floral (Carnal Flower, anyone?) but in this case it feels sparkling, vivid and natural. There’s no aggressiveness, just soapy peacefulness.   After about one hour, in the middle notes, the floral in […] Read more »

Flora By Gucci The Garden Series

This is a recent flanker of Gucci Flora perfume, and part of a series of five with mandarin, tuberose, gardenia and violet. It starts with fireworks of lemon and green notes, and that’s when it had me, because if a citrus can not only survive my skin, but also feel so fragrant and natural like in Glamorous Magnolia by Gucci, that must mean something.   And after that, sit down and enjoy the really slow change towards a delicate, non-dense […] Read more »

Eau De Toilette Gucci By Gucci Sport

In the notes I took for this review, there’s a word that I repeated four times: subdued.   Gucci Gucci By Gucci Sport starts really good with a floral, citrus and slightly aquatic. Things get better when it gets even slightly balsamic, and then it starts its descent into spicy cleanness, with no particular strength nor excitement.   It’s not suitable for winter, the spicy side is too understated to make it stand out enough in the cold season. You’ll […] Read more »