Givenchy Ange Ou Demon Review: Smells Weird, Talks Like A Man

Ange Ou Demon For Women by Givenchy

In other words: I loved this one. If this perfume was a woman I would ask her out to dinner just to hear her talking.   The fragrance starts with a clear smell of disinfectant, the real hard-core stuff they use in hospitals to clean the floors. I’m not sure  what gives this effect, as the pyramid of perfume Ange Ou Demon should have thyme, saffron and oranges at this point, and none of them made sense with what I […] Read more »

Amarige parfum by Givenchy

Givenchy Amarige is a wonderful fragrance, but chances are you may not like it, and the reason is in one word, repeated twice: ylang-ylang. This floral and its peculiar smell make the perfume what it is, and even though it is mixed with gardenia and mimose, it turns out to have intimacy issues and it won’t blend too well with the rest. The other florals will just sit there, trying not to disturb too much.   So let’s talk about […] Read more »