Perfume Ferrari Black Review: 1999 In Full Effect

Ferrari Black Perfume For Men Review

Make it elegant. This must have been the brief to the perfumer of this Ferrari perfume Black. Well, the concept of elegant is the one of 1999, which is when it was first launched. It starts with citrusy, woody and spicy notes, with the main accent on citrus and clean laundry. The rest give the perfume its elegant side, and the fact that the spices are on the verge of body odor creates an interesting contrast with the laundry clean. […] Read more »

I understand that, if you have Fernando Alonso in your team, it would be foolish not to use his face to sell a couple of thousands of bottles of perfume. His image will do the job, no need to actually put any effort, nor money in the juice.   And this is what this perfume Scuderia Ferrari is about: it’s where generic clean notes meet common aromatic ones and plain spices. The worst sin of this Ferrari perfume is not […] Read more »