Estee Lauder Beautiful Perfume Review: Here To Stay

Beautiful Perfume For Women By Estee Lauder

Beautiful by Estee Lauder perfume was created by living legend Sophia Gojsman (Tresor by Lancome, Eternity for women by Calvin Klein and Lalique by Lalique) in 1985.   It starts with a type of sourness like the one of ylang-ylang, which covers 50% of the space, with a truckload of florals covering the other half. Very hard to pick one in particular, although  I could swear there is carnation with its quiet strength, under that cloud of sourness (the memory […] Read more »

Beyond Paradise For Women

And it’s pretty clear why. It’s “only” few years old – it was launched in 2003 – but already a classic. Most women love it, the rest appreciate it without loving it, and a few think that it just won’t work on their skin.   The starting is very interesting, floral with jasmine, but with citrus notes that produce an anise-like effect. When citrus disappear, the soul of the perfume comes out in the shape of a dense and creamy […] Read more »