Dolce And Gabbana Pour Homme Eau De Toilette: Lemon Scented Conditioner *

D&G Pour Homme Review

Dolce Gabbana Pour Homme opens with a quite fragrant lemon, which makes it very Mediterranean right off the box, but then it follows the same fate of Hugo Boss Bottled Night: there is some good will in the formula with herbs and woods, but they end up buried under a hefty dose of detergent smell.   Although it won’t go all the way into a swamp of dihydromyrcenol, lemon will lose its virginity and start to smell a tad chemical […] Read more »

The One By Dolce & Gabbana For Men Review

The One By Dolce Gabbana For Men is simple and light, and just like YSL L’Homme, it suggests rather than speaking out loud. It’s not an in your-face masculine, it’s made for intimacy rather than for seduction, it’s subtle, in other words it’s darn good.   The opening is fruity and aromatic, with just a suggestion of spices. The citrus is officially grapefruit, but way less pungent than the real thing, and it goes together with a delicate sweetness that […] Read more »

Perfumes like D&G The One Sport make me wonder: do they know (“they” being the perfumer and the fashion house that commissioned the juice) that they created a perfume for men that smells like many, many others before? Of course they do.   So why did they do that? I’m not disagreeing with the logic of selling as many as possible, it would be stupid. So I guess they must have reached the conclusion that creating a copycat of a […] Read more »

D And G La Lune Perfume Review

18 La Lune D&G starts fruity and floral and it will keep the same nature in the heart notes, when the floral side will get richer and more complex. There must be rose somewhere, together with a light tuberose, which gives a light but rough earthy touch in the background. It’s all pleasant and the sweet-ish notes coming out of the fruity floral mix are potentially sexy from a close distance.    Yet, I’m finding hard to get an idea […] Read more »

Dolce Gabbana The One Review

Whenever a perfume-related conversation happens, Dolce&Gabbana The One often comes up as “really good.” So it was about time to sample it to find out why so many women like it. And I think I know now.   The opening is like watching a 15-second trailer of an action movie:  you get a lot of the stuff you’ll get later, and very quickly. Dense white florals, more delicate ones, a fresh, almost citrus side, vague sweet notes, and also vague […] Read more »

Dolce And Gabbana The One Gentleman Cologne Review

D&G The One Gentleman for men plays with a spicy clean accord of pepper and lavender in a sophisticated way. The opening brought back a childhood memory in the form of one of those lemon popsicles with a liquorice stick (this one). It’s probably a misleading association, as there is no lemon in the The One Gentlman cologne, but the cleanness that comes from lavender has a creamy quality that reminds of it.   In the heart notes, part of […] Read more »

Light Bliue Dolce Gabbana For Men

With great expectations after the quite good Light Blue for women, the fall.  I imagine the brief for this perfume (the brief is the description of the type of fragrance that the candidate perfumer receives from the fashion house) was: “remember Acqua di Gio and Cool Water? More of the same please.”   Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue pour Homme opens with a fresh – almost cold – citrus (Sicilian mandarin, grapefruit and bergamot, the official recipe says), which is […] Read more »

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue for women

What an interesting opening this perfume has, with the citrus mixing with rosemary and juniper. The result is a mix of fresh citrus and herbs, which even feels a little sweet and almost unisex. In one word: Mediterranean, and much more (IMO) than Acqua di Gio, or in other more words, a wonderful smell. The florals however are already there, especially a soapy jasmine, which will enhance the style of the beginning rather than getting rid of it.   After […] Read more »