Christian Dior Dune For Men Review: Perfectly Shareable

Perfume Dune For Men is fresh, but more complex than the average. The opening is light and bright with not-too-sour stuff like mandarin, grapefruit and lemon. Aromatic notes however soon mix in, with basil and/or rosemary, and probably some light non-feminine florals in the background.   But it’s not Mediterranean, mind, a la Acqua di Gio or Versense, it’s closer to Dior Homme Sport, but less bitter. And the fun continues with the intervention of greener tones of grass and […] Read more »

Dior J'adore Perfume Review

Talking about something so popular like J’Adore Dior perfume is a strenuous task. The moment flowers are squeezed into a perfume, whether from a natural extraction process or from the lab, whether in a natural or an extraterrestrial rendition, they show their tricky nature. If you think floral notes are always nice, innocuous things, you might be sorely disappointed. Sure, they can be gentle to the core, or sexy, or simply smell great; but they can also be chemical, they […] Read more »

Diorissimo By Christian Dior For Women Review

Diorissimo Dior perfume is a light bulb, whose internal incandescent filament is made of lily of the valley. This bulb is too powerful for the plastic socket it’s mounted on, so you will also get a vague smell of burnt. And if you throw a bit of solvent (there’s ylang-ylang as well, go figure…) and a pinch of sweet peachy notes on top, you get a smell it’s hard to forget.   Diorissimo Eau De Toilette is warm but distant. […] Read more »

Christian Dior Dior Homme Sport Review

Strangely enough, I’m usually lazy in reviewing the perfumes I own, so here’s the long overdue Dior Homme Sport Review, almost at the end of the bottle. I’ve been wearing this since Christmas (I know, it’s a fresh fragrance for the summer, but I don’t always care, although I should) so I’d better hurry, as it’s almost finished and I won’t get myself another one for the moment (but only because I want to try other stuff).   Please note: […] Read more »

Miss Dior Perfume

The opening of Christian Dior Miss Dior Cherie is very gentle and bright, with floral and citrus notes, which are sour enough to be pineapple. There is also a very subtle sweetness at the start, which becomes more evident after 30-45 minutes. It’s slightly chocolaty, although quite soft and mixed with the florals (the bouquet is rose, violet and jasmine). It’s not sugar-sweet, not honey, maybe (just maybe) fruity. So it must be caramel…   What really enters the nose […] Read more »

Fahrenheit Perfume

Yes, oh yes it can.   Fahreheit is my signature perfume, the one I wear on rainy days, and it’s just perversely good with the smell of gasoline that stays in the car for a couple of minutes after I leave the petrol station.   Citrus notes (mainly orange) won’t be able to tame the cloud of gasoline and dirty smoked leather of the opening. The dirtiness however is only apparent, and the effect is actually quite smooth. There’s more […] Read more »