Perfume Diesel Only The Brave Review: (Y*PCPH)²

Only The Brave By Diesel Review

Fourth Diesel fragrance for men and fifth overall reviewed here. With Diesel Only The Brave perfume they decided to go less cold and citrusy than in Fuel For Life, and going down the sweet road instead.   The opening is indeed quite fresh, with orange and mandarin but the fragrance soon becomes sweet, although in a non-powdery way, also adding clean florals. It goes on blending in green and aromatic notes, and amber as well, but they are all sort […] Read more »

Loverdose By Diesel Parfume

The opening of this Diesel perfume for women is with liquorice, which soon mixes with jasmine. The two produce a peculiar smell, which is warm, aromatic, and slightly animalic. That is supposed to be sexy, I think, judging from the ad campaign, all based on seduction.  To me however, this is peculiar rather than sexy, interesting rather than feminine. Or, still feminine if you prefer, but not in the classic way.   The first part will be quite linear, and […] Read more »

Diesel Fuel For Life Woman

I gave this perfume not one, not two, but three chances, but I didn’t like it. It’s not too bad at start, it even showed a trace of the anise of Fuel For Life for Men. When the heart notes kick in, jasmine wears light jumper of sweet notes.  But then it’s a pity how Fuel For Life Diesel evolves:  there is supposed to be blackcurrant mixed with the floral notes, and it’s as if they went sour after being […] Read more »

Here is a citrusier version of the original Fuel For Life Homme, part of the Denim collection launched for summer 2011. The opening is – like the original – with cold anise and citrus, then  the additional soft floral notes of lavender make this Denim perfume clean and delicate and pretty much unisex for a good while. At least until the woods kick in, and they will be warmish and slightly sweet until the end.   It’s floral and fresh […] Read more »

Diesel parfum Fuel For Life Men

“Use with caution” says the bottle, I would say use it freely. Gotta love the opening of this Diesel for men: rather than fresh, it’s quite cold in the nose, with an interesting combination of grapefruit + anise, the latter being a bit shy and coming out after a couple of minutes.   In the middle phase the chilled note disappears and there is a beginning of a sweet fruity tone with lavender. However, anise is still there, marking this […] Read more »