Davidoff Echo Woman Review: From Boozy To Dirty

Echo For Women By Davidoff Review

If you decided to wear Davidoff Echo for women in the office, don’t be surprised if your manager calls you in a room to remind you that you’re not supposed to drink while at work. Be ready to explain that it’s your perfume that smells boozy, like of vodka, but also that floral and musk notes will soon join in.  At that point you may smell of body odour, but at least you won’t be infringing any company policy.   […] Read more »

Cool water perfume

Coolwater Davidoff perfume, to say it with Luca Turin’s words “belongs to the category of things done right the first time” (Perfumes: The A-Z Guide ).  In 2003 it was still at number 13 of the best sellers for men in the US (source The Perfect Scent: by Chandler Burr). Not too bad for a perfume created in 1988, huh?   The generous dose of lavender in the opening reminds me of the 4711 cologne that used to sit on my […] Read more »