Aromatics Elixir By Clinique: Distant But Accessible

Clinique Aromatics Elixir Perfume Review

Aromatics Elixir starts strong, floral, green and aromatic, almost balsamic, with also a bright sour side given by aldehydes and probably some citrus. In other words: complex.   Not long after the opening, the florals lower their intensity. They feel soapier and allow the aromatic side to cut through and stand out more. The overall effect is now gentler but not one bit less rich.   It’s an intense fragrance, but it can suit a fresh summer day, thanks to […] Read more »

The bottle of Clinique Happy Perfume comes in a splash version, which means there is no spray, but a hole, and you’re supposed to turn it upside down on your hand and then applying it on the skin. It is normally used for light perfumes (like this one), where an over-application won’t do much harm and will even be recommended.   Nonetheless, if I was the minister for the perfume bottles, I would get rid of splash tops altogether. If […] Read more »

clinique happy for women

What’s the secret formula for happiness in a perfume? Citrus notes of course, with other fruits on the side. The basket is full, pick what you want: mandarins, apples, lemons, and… plastic. Think of a smoothie of fresh citrus fruits wrapped in cling-film and you’ll have Perfume Clinique Happy.   But I don’t mean it bad. True, my first encounter with plastic in a perfume was disappointing (read: Gucci Rush), also, this synthetic layer in a perfume will always feel […] Read more »