Chloe Love Perfume Review: Love’s Name Taken In Vain (A Rant)

Love Chloe Perfume Review

Love Chloe parfum starts with a pleasant but indefinite mix of florals, in a yes-I’m-floral-but-that’s-all-you-need-to-know-by-now kind of way.  And that’s pretty much all there is to know about it…   Sure, the florals take a plastic and animalic twist at the beginning, interesting because moderate. But all in all it’s an elusive fragrance, slightly powdery, slightly fruity, slightly warm towards the end, pretty much everything slightly. There must be a little personality somewhere, but it’s well hidden, why disturb the […] Read more »

Chloe Perfume For Women Review

The very first whiff gave back a brief moment of intense rose, but it was clear that it was just a note that got through, a false anticipation, it was not supposed be there.    See, I know Chloe parfum. The real opening is indeed with fruits (apples, litchi and other fresh, sweet stuff) and – as it sometimes happens with floral fragrances – after a couple of minutes there is a delay between the moment when the top notes […] Read more »

Eau De Chloe 2012 Review

Imagine L’Eau as a pool of green water. The green is very diluted so it’s pale (the actual color of the liquid is spot-on) and the pool, with mostly water at first, gets gradually populated by different notes coming to surface:  sparkling and sharp bergamot at first, and then a floral note, which is quite damp and surrounded by thick green leaves.   It’s mainly an accord of rose and jasmine, where what stands out is the dense floralcy of […] Read more »