Chanel Bleu De Chanel Eau De Toilette: No Third Chance

Bleu De Chanel Pour Homme Perfume Review

I reviewed this Chanel perfume for men a first time back in January, in a previous incarnation of this perfume blog. I loved it back then: I found it cl assy and masculine, mysterious without being dark, and quite sexy too, with the main quality being the elusive haziness of the spices.   Then, a couple of days later, a person whose opinions in matter of perfumes I always valued, trashed my lyricism, saying that Bleu de Chanel smells like […] Read more »

Coromandel by Chanel Perfume Review

Patchouli is a herb that I met before but I want to get to know better. Chances are you already know it too: if you’ve ever tried Angel by Thierry Mugler (other examples would be Prada Amber for Women and, quite unexpectedly, Pasha for men  in the base notes), it’s the note that makes you want to bite the air (apart from cotton candy), as if a ripe fruit materialized under your nose. Except that patchouli won’t smell of any […] Read more »

Allure Homme Edition Blanche Review

I have a simple principle: the main purpose of a fragrance is to smell good and not to smell different from anything else. This is why – when it comes to designer perfumes – I normally disagree with criticisms like “it’s good, but it so smells like such and such,” especially when the comparison is made with super-ultra niche fragrances.   Having said all that, the moment always comes when the loyalty to our principles is put to test, and […] Read more »

Channel Allure

The opening of Allure Chanel for men is fresh and warm, at the same time (or maybe should I say sensual?). There are the same citrus notes of the original Allure: lemon, bergamot and mandarin, but even fresher and more informal, as it also includes grapefruit. The initial phase lasts about half an hour and Read more »

Chance Chanel review

If you read a couple of reviews of this Chance by Chanel perfume (created by Jacques Polge, Chanel’s in-house perfumer), you will soon notice this is not deemed as the best of Chanel fragrances: too artificial, too strong, too citrus lemon, too formulaic and uninspired, too sweet, too fresh-flowery and all-the-same… and on and on.   In other words, Yet Another Sweet Floral…  But I like this one, you know, like those quirky school-mates or colleagues that no one hangs […] Read more »