Coco Chanel Eau De Parfum: A Balmy Type Of Thing

Coco Chanel Perfume Description

Coco Chanel Eau De Parfum is from the good old times (that would be the eighties) and it’s still kicking ass after almost 30 years. It’s a dense and strong floral, curbed by balsamic and sour notes all around, which act like a sort of cloak.   There’s no contrast though, indeed there’s a lot of harmony, and a really quiet strength. It tends to get warmer in the heart notes, with also a vague peach in the distance. It’s […] Read more »

Chanel Allure Pour Homme Review

Another day another classic: Chanel Allure Eau De Toilette. Right out of the spray, it smells classy and masculine, clean and warm. There are woods to the foreground, with a nice support from spices – which don’t scratch, but make it warmer – and a hint of aromatic bitterness.   That aromatic side, with its green and moist tones, is indeed the best of the ancillary notes at this initial stage, but then, after a couple of minutes Allure Chanel […] Read more »

Chanel Eau Tendre Chance Review

The name is right, Chance Tendre is a tender fruity thing with a layer of florals and one of cream. And it has a tenacious quality that pushes from the start, it’s not flimsy at all.   And I would swear there is a note of pepper somewhere…   The fruit is not overly sweet, at least not distinctly gourmand, but it feels quite real. It’s actually quince, which has a scent between apple and pear, and returns whiffs of […] Read more »

Chance Eau Fraiche By Chanel For Women Review

Chanel Eau Fraiche (a 2007 flanker of Chanel Chance) surprised me with peppery warm notes when I was expecting a bath of green and floral ones. As the ad campaign suggests, and every SA would tell you, this is an uplifting and cheerful fragrance, made for the summer.   And it is all that, but the easiness with which Charlotte di Calypso juggles with the bottle in the video commercial, calls for a grain of salt. Sure, there are floral […] Read more »

Antaeus Chanel Review

The first five minutes of Antaeus cologne for men scared the bejesus out of me, as the reaction of some spice (coriander, probably), strange dark florals or herbs,  and possibly civet  as well seemed the prelude to something very close to the smell of crap. Thank goodness it turned out to be just the opening dance of notes, and after five minutes it settled down to a good ole reliable leather   The Kouros YSL review comes easily to mind […] Read more »

Chanel No 19 Poudre Chanel For Women

While I half-liked the original 19 Chanel, I totally loved this version. 19 Chanel Poudre starts with green notes, and if you like them in full swing, stop and stare with your nose until the florals wake up completely. Its greenness will be mainly raw, as if from a freshly-cut flower stem, but with an extra layer that comes out more clearly in the head notes. There’s a little bit of leather there, and also a resinous balsamic quality. Press […] Read more »

Coco Mademoiselle Perfume Women Chanel Review

In the opening, Coco Mademoiselle is yet another fruity-floral, but with a perfect balance between the two sides. Fruits are red, florals are warm, and the spirit is young, all wrapped in a thin bubble of fructose.   Fruity perfumes – when bright – are generally shallow in their structure and carefree in their attitude. Not this one though, this one is deep, thanks to warm woody notes that give roundness and make it go beyond the sum of its […] Read more »

Review Of Chanel Number 19 Eau De Perfume

Chanel 19 Perfume by Chanel starts pleasantly green and sour but then the florals come in and things get a bit messy. The sour side mixes with the more delicate part of the floral notes, eclipsing it, and leaving the warmer side to stand out. The result is like mixing coffee with lemon.   For the first half an hour the perfume will remain suspended in midair, between green, floral, and warm tones. Then, finally, a transition: the green and […] Read more »