Britney Spears Fantasy Review: No Harm, No Foul

Britney Spears perfume Fantasy

Fantasy By Britney Spears  was created in 2005 by James Krivda, who also made the first Paris Hilton perfume in the same year. Is it a peculiar one? Not at all I’m afraid. It belongs to the category of those that are not bad, but nothing to go nuts for either.   The start is with red fruits (litchi, if you want to be precise), with a controlled sweetness, and a certain sour aroma that may come from citrus notes […] Read more »

Lovely By Sarah Jessica Parker Perfume Review

Imagine they make a movie and then they write a book out of it (quite the opposite of what normally happens), and you read the book before watching the movie: your opinion is likely to be influenced.   Not that I ever did something like that myself, but I’m afraid this is what happened with Perfume Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker. After reading the interesting story of its creation in Chandler Burr’s The Perfect Scent, I knew so much about it […] Read more »

Perfume Luscious Pink By Mariah Carey

While I was randomly fishing in my bag of samples, I caught this Luscious Pink by Mariah Carey. It was created in 2008 by Carlos Benaim and Loc Dong, and it’s the second perfume to be branded after the American pop singer, after M.   The declared top note is Bellini, a famous Italian peach-based cocktail. So boozy peach is what you would expect, and I sure got the booziness at the start, and the peach after a couple of […] Read more »

Heiress by Paris Hilton

Heiress is quite fruity in the opening, strawberry and peach, with a controlled hubba-bubba flavour. Light, non-dense florals start to come out soon, and they will share a 50% of the space for a short time, until fruits grow a little more prominent. And as it evolves, the fragrance will remain mainly fruity, but leaning more and more towards the clean side, rather than the sweet one, feeling at times like a soap bar.   This Paris Hilton Perfume Heiress […] Read more »

Madonna Truth Or Dare Perfume Review

And along came Madonna with her first fragrance, with a little bit of dare and a little bit of truth, in the sense of concreteness.   From the opening, Madonna Truth Or Dare Perfume is a game of three sides: one is sour and green, one is creamy, and one is dense with white florals. It’s the product of three hot-shots among florals, like tuberose, jasmine and gardenia, which won’t necessarily please your nose. The creamy side however, is what […] Read more »

J Lo Glow fragrance review

OK, let’s try not to be dismissive about this celebrity perfume, and for three reasons:   First: it is considered very well-done for a “commercial fragrance”Second: the perfumer who made it, Louise Turner, also has her name with Fahrenheit 32 and Eau de Star by Thierry Mugler among the othersThird: commercial success – and Glow by J LO had and still has a huge amount of that – won’t be everything, but it must mean something   Now that you’ve […] Read more »

S By Shakira Fragrance Review

This is the second perfume By Shakira, launched in 2010. S is all very vague and subdued, cheap but pleasant.   It starts with an indefinite fruity floral, but then it improves by adding a woody and oriental layer, becoming a floral wrapped in a fairly thick warm vanilla sweetness. With time, S by Shakira will raise its warm woodiness up a notch, but it will go easy on the vanilla, and with the florals always in the background.   […] Read more »