Lady Gaga Fame Perfume Review: Not A Bang But A Whimper

Lady Gaga Perfume Review

Blessed by a total lack of anticipation for the launch of Lady Gaga’s first perfume Fame, I let serendipity do the job. I was going for Madly by Kenzo, but I sprayed this one instead.   It starts fruity, something between red fruits and pears, with pulp (it’s apricot, actually), but not too much. After not too long, a spice timidly comes out, and a light sweet side is added to it. Both parts are quite light, and are mounted […] Read more »

James Bond 007 perfume review

Perfume used by James Bond? Hmmm, I don’t think so. After a short fruity start, the only thing that keeps this from being a total wishy-washy, same old fresh spicy is that the spices push a little harder at times.   For brief moments, they even give out a smell of burnt, which is what happens when they change gear. And then… well expect the expectable from a perfume in its category (you may want to check out this Calvin […] Read more »

David Beckham Instinct Cologne

Instinct perfume was, if Fragrantica is not wrong, the first fragrance for men by the Beckhams. Although unmistakeably fresh-aromatic, the opening is clean, as in clean-bed-sheet clean, with citrus notes that make it a bit more interesting than the average. And after that, there is the spicy phase, with peppery and also some green notes at some point, which even turned into clove for a very short while.   All in all however, the spices feel quite generic, the impression […] Read more »

Perfume Jennifer Aniston

This is the debut Jennifer Aniston fragrance with her own name, and it starts not too bad. It’s quite floral with jasmine, with a sharp intensity, and a sour and chemical aroma, which is somewhat muffled. All in all, an interesting balance between delicate and dense. “Gentle with attitude” was what I had thought as a tag line for the title, and then…   … and then it just fell apart. From smelling like many others, but at least not […] Read more »

Perfume Justin Bieber Someday Review

Justin Bieber is an 18-year old, angel-faced pop star, insanely popular among female teenagers. So, seriously: what’s not to hate there? Logically enough then, when Someday perfume came out, at the beginning of 2012, it stirred the hate of many perfume lovers, with some of them even feeling the need to specify that they were not Bieber’s fans.   Justin Bieber’s perfume Someday starts fresh and citrusy, soon becoming sweet and fruity. The type of sweetness is what gives away […] Read more »

christina aguilera fragrance for women

This was the first Christina Aguilera fragrance, launched in 2007, and never-mind that for the first part it is pure peach and floral air freshener, I liked it anyway. I remember JLo Glow gave me same feeling but this time this is even more real.   To be completely fair though, that was the result I got on my skin. On the blotter, the balance was much better and the effect on my wrist turned out to be a bad […] Read more »

Kim Kardashian True Reflection Fragrance Review

Kim Kardashian True Reflection starts citrusy but already with restless sweet notes in the background. Soon, it becomes darker and rougher – although in a controlled way – and the sweetness comes out as fruity and peachy.   It might seem that the darker side comes from spices (well, it seemed to me anyway), but I read it’s actually patchouli. The confusion is forgivable, I think, as the whole result is very earthy, at times even slightly smoked and with […] Read more »

Britney Spears perfume Curious

The unofficial category of harmless perfumes has a new entry: In Control Curious Britney Spears, a limited edition of Curious.  Just to be clear: that doesn’t mean bad, by any means. On the contrary, it’s a quite nice fragrance but, wait a second, where did I smell this before? Oh, right: here, and here, and here and here and here. Although, in all fairness, it’s a bit less floral then the ones above, but also less fruity than its cousin […] Read more »