Cartier Pasha For Men: A Placid Stream Of Class

cartier pasha de cartier perfume

Pasha by Cartier perfume eases you gradually into its world, starting clean and not different from other aromatic spicy frags for men, just with more class in the bag and more money in the juice.   Then, in a matter of minutes, it comes to life with notes of aromatic green trees, stinky spices (it must be the coriander, so careful when you spray it), the anise side of caraway seeds, balsamic mint, and also light florals. All the above […] Read more »

Delice Cartier Fragrances

The top notes, indeed the very first seconds of the life of a perfume, are a very precious moment, at least potentially. And since they vanish quickly, they deserve probably even more attention than the rest. Not that you’ll necessarily find the pot of gold, but you never know what you might miss out on.   In theory, any perfume will behave differently at this initial stage, but looking at the extremes, two things can happen: either the notes will […] Read more »

Cartier Declaration Review

This stuff is so freakin’ good that I welled up after the first sniff.   Declaration By Cartier was created in 1998 by Jean Claude-Ellena, and it’s normally described as fresh and spicy. And that’s correct: after all, you get the tingle of the “cold spices” like cardamom and caraway (as opposed to warm ones like cinnamon, as Ellena explains to Chandler Burr in The Perfect Scent: A Year Inside the Perfume Industry in Paris and New York), and herbs, […] Read more »

Must De Cartier Pour Homme

Cartier Must Perfume for men is a rare case where the masculine flanker is not totally different from the original feminine.  Launched in 2000, 19 years after the original, it was born from the nose of Nathalie Feisthauer (Eau des Merveilles by Hermes).   It starts with anise, mint and also sour citrus notes. This cold mix is tamed by musk, and that’s why anise won’t chill the nostrils as it does in Fuel for Life Diesel. Mainly anise is […] Read more »

Must De Cartier For Women

Forget about summer, and fresh, and fruity: this is a classy oriental, date of launch 1981 (created by Jean-Jacques Diener) and still fully deserving its place in the perfume stores shelves.   The opening is, well, it smells mainly of ash, but in a very good way. There is also warm and sweet-ish orange, and a feeling that it’s a winter fragrance but a very gentle one. This type of  opening in Must Cartier Perfume gives an idea of what’s […] Read more »