Carolina Herrera 212 Vip Men Perfume: The Day I (Manly) Surrendered

212 Vip Men Carolina Herrera For Men

When it comes to writing the content for a review, I have two basic rules: a) not to use too many comparisons with other perfumes; b) try to make it different from the previous ones. The reason behind rule a) is that, if I described a perfume with constant comparisons with another, and you don’t know second one, what you read is completely useless to you. And the reason behind rule b) is that  – at least in principle – […] Read more »

CH For Men Perfume By Carolina Herrera

CH men has an awesome opening, where green and light citrus notes will take you to a garden covered with fruits and vegetables. But then, clean notes enter, and the vegetable bubble is burst, too soon….   At least it didn’t go all clean and fougere on me. Thankfully, CH CH Perfume For Men will keep a balanced interplay with the fruits, citrus notes, plus some green stuff in the background. In this polite prelude to the heart notes, spices […] Read more »

it's your perfume

212 Sexy perfume by Carolina Herrera is one example of how a flanker can totally steal the original’s thunder. As the SA said, since this Sexy 212 version came out, they’re not selling the original as before.   The perfume opens with fresh/sweet citrus notes with already a floral presence in the background. Not bad at all. Then, after about 15-20 minutes there is a transition to floral notes of gardenia and geranium, wrapped in cotton candy (a la Angel […] Read more »