Escape For Men: I Hereby Declare Its Floralness

Escape Perfume For Men Review By Calvin Klein

Escape cologne for men by Calvin Klein opens citrus, fruity and herbal, but with a quality that makes it different from the other fresh aromatic out there, thanks to a nice dose of floral notes. I say this in an act of bravery, as among the about fifty users reviews down at Fragrantica there was only one single reference to florals.   The thing is (more display of bravery coming ), not only florals are there in a soft, clean, […] Read more »

Forbidden Euphoria By Calvin Klein Review

Here we go again with yet another fruity floral. There is a brief moment of vagueness in the opening of Forbidden Euphoria, but then this flanker will get a base of peach and red fruits, joined with warm flowers.   It will stay like that throughout and yet, there is a third element in CK Euphoria Forbidden for Women that feels green, fresh, aromatic, and damp. Not necessarily in the same order.   These facets flow and float, come and […] Read more »

Calvin Klein Obsession For Men Review

Believe those who say it’s quite aggressive, but don’t be scared: everything is perfectly balanced and polished in this one. It will hit you as a firm caress, rather than a punch: it might still hurt, but your nose won’t bleed.   Calvin Klein Obsession for men Eau de Toilette starts timid, with a powdery talcum halo all around, and then it grows spicy and even bitter at times, although with a backbone of clean amber. There are dense florals in […] Read more »

Calvin Klein Crave Cologne

Its detractors say CK Crave smells cheap. Guess what: that’s because it IS cheap. Also, extremely easy to find (on the internet) and fairly popular in the search engines. If it really is discontinued (I regularly see it at Debenhams thouhg), then down at CK they’d better re-think what they did and start producing it again.   If you skip the usual high dose of laundry detergent, the peculiarity that this Crave by Calvin Klein has to offer is a […] Read more »

CK Calvin Klein Beauty Perfume Review

Beauty by CK is a complex fragrance, and considering that all the CK perfumes I tried so far are all pretty simple, straightforward and almost flimsy, the complexity in this one was more than welcome.   It starts with very quick fruity notes, and then you’ll get a bouquet of intense and dense white florals, which are given a paintbrush of spicy, woody and citrus notes. It feels like a diluted version of Opium, but not in a derogatory way. […] Read more »

Encounter Perfume For Men

 Calvin Klein Encounter is the brand new CK launch in the masculine arena, and starts with citrus notes, but not for long, as it’s clear that they’ll have to give space to spices, with a side of clean.   There is cardamom and pepper, but I can only recognise the latter. Cardamom is supposed to be a cold spice (this is what it feels like in Declaration by Cartier anyway), but Encounter cologne is warm, smoky and flirts with body […] Read more »

Eternity for Women Perfume

Eternity parfum was created in 1988 (Sophia Grojsman: Bvlgari pour Femme, White Linen by Elizabeth Arden, Tresor by Lancome) and – although ultra-super-mega-popular in its time – now it’s starting to feel the years.   The opening is a mix of intense lily and carnation, wrapped in a sour citrus. There’s supposed to be sage as well, but I just can’t feel it. Pleasant? Maybe, but this is where the number of years comes into play: do the noses of […] Read more »

Calvin Klein Euphoria perfume for Women

The initial freshness of CK Euphoria offers weird citrus notes, but it has a short existence.When it settles down, it shows a warm floral, not rose, but something to that effect, wrapped in a warm container with a fruity sweetness that has no memory of fruits in it.   The result is a sort of warm creaminess, with a good degree of complexity, which in perfumes is almost always (and in people almost never) interesting and worth coming back for […] Read more »