Cacharel Pour Homme Cologne For Men: Not Afraid Of Flowers

Cacharel Pour Homme Men is from 1981 and after thirty-two years is still on the shelves and still loved. Try it and you’ll understand immediately why.   It opens with nose-blinding citrus and then nutmeg comes out, fragrant and natural. It’s impossible to miss, even for those who (like me) normally have problems in telling one spice from the other. And then florals are thrown in as well, making things more interesting.   And indeed, florals are what sets this […] Read more »

Cacharel Amor Amor Perfume Review

Amor Amor perfume by Cacharel starts with spluttering mandarins and oranges, mixed with red fruits (black currant, they say), and after a couple of minutes it has already ticked two crucial boxes in the sexy category: the fruity gourmand, and the warm with musk. As a bonus, you will get a velvety wrap that makes it even better.   And as it progresses, it will un-tick the gourmand box and remain with the animalic side, tempered by fruits, citrus and […] Read more »

Cacharel Anais Anais Perfume Review

This perfume can be really nasty, so careful with the spray, because under the super rich, slightly heady and complex bouquet, there’s an evil white floral bitch, with the potential of being animalic, unpleasant and bitter, even fecal at times. Spray too much of it and  you will have, at least in the first half an hour, a soup of florals gone bad, a beautiful garden with a dead corpse hidden somewhere.   That’s at least what happened on my […] Read more »