Blv Eau Parfum II Bvlgari Women: If It Wasn’t For My Grandma…

Blv II Perfume By Bvlgari For Women

 This perfume makes no sense, really. It opens with a distinct hairspray smell – which I actually liked because it reminded me of the one my grandma Rosina used on her gray head – and then it continues as body odor wrapped in a vinyl layer. Not exactly what turns me on….   I read that liquorice and anise are in it, and I wonder if their union is responsible for this. I had smelt them separately before (liquorice in […] Read more »

Bvlgari Man Perfume

Bvlgari Man Perfume may not have the most original of personalities but it’s a nice, honest fragrance, with the right degree of sophistication, between sweet, spicy, fresh and warm.  The top is with citrus notes (lemon? bergamot?) and something else, a soft, cold spice. I would say it’s cardamom, although I’m starting to think that after the almost out-of-body experience that I had with Declaration by Cartier, I feel cardamom anywhere there’s a cold spice. As Bulgari Men evolves, citrus […] Read more »

Bulgari Perfume

I tried this Bulgari Blv Perfume three times before writing about it and the first two, my dismissing meh came out at the first whiff.  The third time however, did the charm and, although it’s still not my type.   Bulgari Blu starts more alcoholic than the average perfume, and then it takes out citrus notes in the form of bergamot. It’s soon accompanied by ginger, which gives a slightly sharp tone, also thanks to a tiny amount of cardamom. […] Read more »

Bvlgari Black

Someone set fire to a piece of rubber and then put out the flames with a bunch of flowers. That is, in very few words, what Bulgari Black feels like. The floral note of the start is soon twisted with a layer of soapy, burnt leather, and a bitter back-smell.   Compared to the skin, the florals have more power on the blotter, and the fragrance is fresher. The burnt rubber on the other hand, thrives on the skin, and […] Read more »

Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir Perfume

Just like I did for Lacoste Essential Sport, here is a review of one of my perfumes before the last drop is sprayed: Bvlgari Soir. It’s a special edition of the original Pour Homme, launched in 2006, and is  ideal for the mid-season, if you’re lucky enough to live in a place where you have such thing (I’m not) and warm enough for cotton jumper days, but not so much for below zero temperatures.   It starts with bergamot and […] Read more »

Bulgari Omnia Crystalline For Women

After the recent Bvlgari Omnia Coral, here is a previous flanker of the same line. It was also created by Antonio Morillas and launched in 2005.  At least in its first part, Crystalline is an appropriate name for this version of Omnia Bvlgari, as it’s a good, honest, transparent fragrance, willing to do a lot to please the nose.   The opening is half fruity – with pear, or something to that effect – and half aquatic. After the canonical […] Read more »

Bvlgari Coral Perfume Review

The ubiquitous Alberto Morillas strikes again with this fourth flanker for Omnia, after Amethyste, Crystalline, and Green Jade.   Omnia Coral starts immediately fruity and floral, and that’s what it will be until almost the very end, when it gives in to a bubble-gummy strawberry flavour.  The fruit is red (there’s pomegranate in it) and the florals are delicate. It’s a bright honest thing, with a soft, thin and hazy sweet side as well.   I liked this Omnia Coral […] Read more »