Burberry Body Perfume For Women: No Praise, No Blame

Burberry Body New Fragrance Review

This is one of the latest Burberry perfumes for women, launched in September 2011. On the blotter it started upfront with a floral nuclear blast (I read there’s rose and iris) which indeed felt quite natural, like real bunch of flowers from a very close distance.   When the dust settles down, after a couple of minutes, it starts to breathe a little and becomes more manageable. On the skin however, things got more interesting, as the opening is less […] Read more »

Burberry The Beat Perfume For Men Review

My wish list has a new member: Burberry Perfume The Beat.   It starts green, almost celery-green, of freshly-cut green vegetables, and then it gradually gets more notes: there’s a damp log of wood with citrus; there’s a bitter peppery sweetness; and there are florals with a smudging quality, from which softer, vaguely fruity notes sometimes emerge.   The Beat Burberry For Men blends all that, becoming one of those multifaceted fragrances that changes under your very nose. It goes […] Read more »