Emporio Armani Diamonds Black Carat For Men: Gently Macho

Emporio Armani Black Carat Perfume Review

Although with different spices, Armani Black Diamond really reminds me of Black XS Paco Rabanne because it’s round and warmly sweet. It has a good, solid spicy core placed in the centre of the room, which is supposed to be pepper, but it’s smoked rather than tingly. The sweetness is given by cocoa notes, which blend really good with the spices as they are born to.   Black Carat For Men is a nice masculine, good for night outs, a […] Read more »

Armani Eau Pour Homme Review

So that’s the perfume I smelt one day on my older sister’s boyfriend when I was a kid. Personal digression, to say this is from a couple of years ago, 1984, created by Roger Pellegrino.   The opening of Armani Pour Homme is with a fragrant, very real orange, and – childhood knocking at my door again – the same taste I used to get sucking these fruit drops. In the background however, there is already a spicey herb of […] Read more »

Giorgio Armani Diamonds Perfume Review

When you smell this for the first time you may have the same reaction that Phoebe has to saltwater taffies: what’s the deal? Is it fruity, is it floral? The two facets are so skilfully mixed together, that this question will not get a definite answer.   The top offers brief citrus notes, and then the perfume opens to rose and lily-of-the-valley. Although the bouquet is delicate and not overly intense, rose is a note that can bite if sprayed […] Read more »

Giorgio Armani Emporio City Glam Perfume

First and foremost: of all the perfumes that I had and have, Emporio Armani City Glam For Him gets the most compliments by female noses. And that is the second main reason why I keep on buying it, the first being that I really really like it. Or was it the other way around?   The fragrance opens with ginger and mint, which set tone immediately to spicy and fresh. Depending on your skin, you may get it more fresh […] Read more »

Armani Code perfume for women

Three first class noses behind Armani Code Pour Femme: Carlos Benaim (Eternity for men, Euphoria, Nina Ricci Premier Jour), Dominique Ropion (Amarige by Givenchy, Lady Million), and Olivier Polge (Flowerbomb). The result? Meh.   The opening is so light and bright to be almost, well… nothing, I couldn’t smell a thing. But after five minutes there you go: the citrus comes out and it’s not an ordinary one, very delicate on its own, and refined by jasmine. After this gentle […] Read more »

Perfume Idole D'Armani Review

I had to sample Idole D’armani Perfume three times before being able to write something about it. And since each time was different, here you have three reviews in one.   The first time I kept on tossing and turning my wrist under my nose, wondering if I was missing something. Yes, it was yet another fruity floral, with a very common pattern, but also very remarkable. The florals were delicate and feminine, but with some rough edges here and […] Read more »

Armani Aqua di Gio For Men

Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani is almost invisible at first, then touches of salty water and quite good citrus come out. Then nothing again, and then the citrus are given florals as partner, an aromatic backbone, and a sprinkle of sea water here and there. The balance between all these elements is just perfect, although towards the end it will get more aromatic.   The unfavourable reviews you will read about this Armani perfume will probably say two things. […] Read more »