Calvin Klein Forbidden Euphoria For Women: The Playful Sister

Forbidden Euphoria By Calvin Klein Review

Here we go again with yet another fruity floral. There is a brief moment of vagueness in the opening of Forbidden Euphoria, but then this flanker will get a base of peach and red fruits, joined with warm flowers.   It will stay like that throughout and yet, there is a third element in CK Euphoria Forbidden for Women that feels green, fresh, aromatic, and damp. Not necessarily in the same order.   These facets flow and float, come and […] Read more »

Manifesto d'Yves Saint Laurent For Women

Manifesto by YSL is quite elusive at the start, but when it settles down a little, after about 30 minutes, a sign of quirkiness comes out, in the form of a waffle-like powdery sweetness. It’s still introverted and muffled, with fruits underneath.   As time passes by, Manifesto gets more complex. Warmer, first of all, with the addition of light spices and soft woods. Add to that a couple of floral notes coming and going in the background, and a […] Read more »

Signorina - Salvatore Ferragamo Perfume For Women

Look at the bottle of Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo, and take the hint of the name (which is used in Italian for young, unmarried women) and the rest of the packaging, with its innocent pink color, and the almost childlike ribbon.  And then, when you smell it, be prepared to get something that doesn’t quite add up…   This Salvatore Ferragamo perfume starts with a vague and delicate mix of fruits and florals, with just a little bit of hazy […] Read more »

Victoria's Secret Perfume Pink Review

Pink is not really the word that comes to mind with this Victoria’s Secret perfume. It’s light and breezy, almost ozonic at the start, but it soon settles down to a bright and intense floral. Overall it feels quite natural with a certain sourness that makes it the opposite of pink.   And among the sour notes there’s sweetness coming up, and that’s when things get a bit sexy, in a subtle way. And although sexiness is in the nose […] Read more »