Cartier Pasha For Men: A Placid Stream Of Class

Pasha by Cartier perfume eases you gradually into its world, starting clean and not different from other aromatic spicy frags for men, just with more class in the bag and more money in the juice.


Then, in a matter of minutes, it comes to life with notes of aromatic green trees, stinky spices (it must be the coriander, so careful when you spray it), the anise side of caraway seeds, balsamic mint, and also light florals. All the above is masterfully balanced together with a classy blend on fresh and stinky.


In the second part, the swirling and swarming is less hectic. Whereas the clean notes will still provide a base, the rest of the structure will drop the thinner minty and floral ones, leaving the spices with the green and slightly balsamic woods. But that’s not the end of it, because in the base Pasha de Cartier cologne for men will still have time to show an oriental side, mixing the woods with patchouli.


Pasha for men is like other woody spicy masculine fragrances, just way better. I only have a 5 ml mini-bottle of this one, but man, I’m really enjoying it. Wearing it in the office wouldn’t really be an issue, but the population in my perfume wardrobe has reached quantity eleven, so I’ll think about it next year. Or, I might drown myself in Diesel Denim Fuel For Life in the next weeks, so that once it’s finished I’ll have the perfect excuse.

(dig my DYI meme? – Friends quote)


Pasha Perfume For Men Reviewe

Pasha Perfume For Men Review