Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Review: No, Alberto, Seriously…

Perfume 212 Carolina Herrera

Perfume 212 Sexy For women

212 Sexy perfume by Carolina Herrera is one example of how a flanker can totally steal the original’s thunder. As the SA said, since this Sexy 212 version came out, they’re not selling the original as before.


The perfume opens with fresh/sweet citrus notes with already a floral presence in the background. Not bad at all. Then, after about 15-20 minutes there is a transition to floral notes of gardenia and geranium, wrapped in cotton candy (a la Angel by Thierry Mugler).


Now, the perfumer for this fragrance is Alberto Morillas, who fathered stuff like Acqua di Gio, Blv by Bvlgari (and most of the rest of the family), different Omnias – also by Bvlgari – CK One, and so many more. One of the biggest noses, period. Yet, while I’m tossing and turning the paper strip under my nostrils, I would love to ask him a simple question: dude, were you high when you put the cotton candy in here? Seriously, it feels like there was a problem with the cotton candy machine and the sugar got burnt, taking its typical bitter taste in these cases. It just won’t go well with the florals, and the result is a dodgy and unpleasant smell.


Thank goodness, the sweet notes are short-lived, and soon leave the florals alone. The fragrance improves considerably at this point, but still something is not right in 212 Sexy: that bitterness just won’t go away, and the florals are sort of “meh, I had better.” Which, if you are a guy and are thinking of giving this one as a present to a current or potential/prospective girlfriend, is what she could say as well. Or was she talking about you?


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So walk towards Vivienne Westwood’s stand and try Naughty Alice instead. You can thank me later. You will have to wait for the candy note to disappear completely to get just a normal floral, but it will take a good while.


Did I get a “bad” tester? Am I negatively biased towards this perfume (just like Flowerbomb, which I would prefer anyway, by far)? Possibly both things at the same time, so don’t believe my nose, believe yours, go try this Carolina Herrera perfume and let me know.


Oh, and needless to say: as sexy as a kick in the nuts.