Carolina Herrera 212 Vip Men Perfume: The Day I (Manly) Surrendered

When it comes to writing the content for a review, I have two basic rules: a) not to use too many comparisons with other perfumes; b) try to make it different from the previous ones. The reason behind rule a) is that, if I described a perfume with constant comparisons with another, and you don’t know second one, what you read is completely useless to you. And the reason behind rule b) is that  – at least in principle – every perfume is different, even when it’s very similar to others, so it deserves a different review.


At least in principle… until reality knocked at my door in the shape of 212 Vip Men Carolina Herrera, and here is where I raise my white flag: it is the perfect copycat of One Million Paco Rabanne.


I have both of them on my wrists and, except for a boozy and fresher start of 212 VIP men (a vodka note), and the fact that it’s slightly less dirty (two comparisons are allowed), the only reason why I can tell one from the other is that I remember which one I sprayed on the left and which one on the right.


Rule b) failed me today, and the only Carolina Herrera 212 Vip Men Review possible is this one.


212 Vip Men Carolina Herrera For Men

212 Vip Men Carolina Herrera For Men