Calvin Klein Euphoria Review: Pretty Please

Calvin Klein Euphoria perfume for Women

Calvin Klein Euphoria perfume for Women

The initial freshness of CK Euphoria offers weird citrus notes, but it has a short existence.When it settles down, it shows a warm floral, not rose, but something to that effect, wrapped in a warm container with a fruity sweetness that has no memory of fruits in it.


The result is a sort of warm creaminess, with a good degree of complexity, which in perfumes is almost always (and in people almost never) interesting and worth coming back for another try.


So far, Calvin Klein Euphoria is quite conventional if you will, but plays with sexy notes, in a careless way. As it moves forward, it adds a thin layer of spiciness. That’s the final touch, which makes Euphoria CK hands-down the sexiest fragrance for women I tried so far.


With time, it will lose it will lose the extra complexity, but the warm floral core will remain pretty tight and sexy til the musky end.


I don’t normally like floral fragrances for the night, but that’s where Euphoria belongs, so please wear it.


And this is the comparison of Calvin Klein Euphoria vs…

Forbidden Euphoria

Euphoria is more floral
Forbidden Euphoria is more fruity and bubbly gummy, slightly younger  but not too much

E is to be worn by night
FE is for the day

E is warmer
FE is brighter

Both are sexy, but the original Euphoria is sexier
Both have sweet notes

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