Calvin Klein Encounter: Faster Than A Quicky

Calvin Klein Encounter Review

Calvin Klein Encounter Review

 Calvin Klein Encounter is the brand new CK launch in the masculine arena, and starts with citrus notes, but not for long, as it’s clear that they’ll have to give space to spices, with a side of clean.


There is cardamom and pepper, but I can only recognise the latter. Cardamom is supposed to be a cold spice (this is what it feels like in Declaration by Cartier anyway), but Encounter cologne is warm, smoky and flirts with body odor, like any spicy masculine deserving to be called that. The dry-down will have the typical sweet warm notes of woods, and there’s supposed to be a hint of patchouli as well, which would account for the vague damp greenness.


In a way, this new Calvin Klein perfume is not overly original, and nothing to die for, but one could say that there was some effort in not making the spices smell completely dull. You might easily put it in the group of spicy-clean frags with dozens more, but there was at least a bit of dare in the formula. Plus, it’s masculine big time, not hyper-sophisticated like Antaeus by Chanel, but not obnoxious like Spicebomb by Viktor and Rolf either.


Encounter Calvin Klein reminded me of my biases: sweet notes on women and spicy notes on pretty much everyone. The one disappointing thing of this fragrance was the duration: after four hours it was already weak, and after six it was completely gone. More than an encounter, a quicky.


Yet, I would still recommend it as a nice masculine mainstream fragrance. Wives and girlfriends, if you want to introduce your man to the world of fragrances, and he has (or you think he has) a thing for spices, try this one. Or, try La Nuit de l’Homme by YSL, which plays with unpleasantness in the same way, although it’s a bit darker. I recently discovered La Nuit’s ad (thanks to Australian Perfume Junkies blog) and the ads for these two perfumes share the same dark imagery, although Vincent Cassel in La Nuit’s clip has to cope with three women at the same time…



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