Bvlgari Omnia Coral Review: I Was Twenty-Two

Bvlgari Coral Perfume Review

Coral by Bvlgari Perfume For Women

The ubiquitous Alberto Morillas strikes again with this fourth flanker for Omnia, after Amethyste, Crystalline, and Green Jade.


Omnia Coral starts immediately fruity and floral, and that’s what it will be until almost the very end, when it gives in to a bubble-gummy strawberry flavour.  The fruit is red (there’s pomegranate in it) and the florals are delicate. It’s a bright honest thing, with a soft, thin and hazy sweet side as well.


I liked this Omnia Coral By Bvlgari, it’s a radiant girl with a floral dress and a quite transparent personality, someone you would immediately entrust with one of your little personal details, like that particular cosmetic treatment you did, or the fact that you cannot swim, or at what age you lost your virginity.


For the first hours or so, the fragrance will keep the balance between the sweet fruity and floral side, with a couple of variations, like a certain coarseness, which makes it less girly, or the appearance of streaks of green notes. In the middle stage, it might get slightly sweeter, even darker, in the sense that the sweet notes are tighter, and won’t leave much of the upbeat fruity floral come out.


All in all however, it’s not too cloying. Let’s say that it stops on the border between what those who don’t like sweet stuff might find too sweet, and what sweet teeth might consider not sweet enough.  So, girly, smiley and bright girls (whatever your age), with a transparent good soul, yes you, who don’t play games: this one is for you.