Bvlgari Man Review: Good, Honest Guy

Bvlgari Man Perfume

Bvlgari Man Perfume for men

Bvlgari Man Perfume may not have the most original of personalities but it’s a nice, honest fragrance, with the right degree of sophistication, between sweet, spicy, fresh and warm.

The top is with citrus notes (lemon? bergamot?) and something else, a soft, cold spice. I would say it’s cardamom, although I’m starting to think that after the almost out-of-body experience that I had with Declaration by Cartier, I feel cardamom anywhere there’s a cold spice. As Bulgari Men evolves, citrus start to move to the background and the mix becomes richer and somewhat powdery, with even a bitter note at some point (sage?)


This stage is still soberly spicy, with the lemon coming and going , and when it eventually disappears, the warm woodsy notes take the stage. I recognize sandalwood, if nothing else for the back-trace of sweetness that seems to come as an evolution of the lemon. The base notes mix vanilla and again woodsy notes, until the end.


Bulgari Man was created in 2010 by Antonio Morillas. I would recommended it to those guys who want a honest perfume, that does a good job in being warm and masculine.  Very classic in its structure, you won’t smell incredibly different from anyone else, but it’s still a perfume I would wear in special occasions.