Bvlgari Blv Pour Homme Review: The Fresh The Clean And The Powdery

Bulgari BLV Perfume Review

Bulgari BLV Perfume for men

I tried this Bulgari Blv Perfume three times before writing about it and the first two, my dismissing meh came out at the first whiff.  The third time however, did the charm and, although it’s still not my type.


Bulgari Blu starts more alcoholic than the average perfume, and then it takes out citrus notes in the form of bergamot. It’s soon accompanied by ginger, which gives a slightly sharp tone, also thanks to a tiny amount of cardamom. I like what they did with this couple of notes here, as the overall result is a fresh + clean aroma, which are not always and not necessarily the same thing.


These two side swill engage in an interesting tug-of-war until the dry-down, when musk and woods will put an end to this unrepentant cleanness, which is the main quality of this fragrance, but also the reason why this is not my cup of tea. After 24hrs something that seems like an ylang ylang with its semi-chemical smell, but it’s probably the effect if the aging of the citrus notes with all the rest.


It’s, I don’t know, it’s quite powdery, and sounds a bit fake. You know, like in the 17th century, when fragrances were used to cover the smell. I guess I like it better when it’s for real, whether clean or dirty. On the positive, side, this Bulgari Blv Perfume really feels pleasant. Besides, the lemon – bergamot note, although never alone, will hang in there until the end, very persistent for a citrus indeed.


If you’re looking for a discreet – although potentially cloying in the dry-down – fragrance, to wear pretty much everywhere, then this one is for you