Bvlgari Black Review: Rubber And Flowers After The Fire

Bvlgari Black EdT Perfume

Bvlgari Black EdT Perfume for men and women

Someone set fire to a piece of rubber and then put out the flames with a bunch of flowers. That is, in very few words, what Bulgari Black feels like. The floral note of the start is soon twisted with a layer of soapy, burnt leather, and a bitter back-smell.


Compared to the skin, the florals have more power on the blotter, and the fragrance is fresher. The burnt rubber on the other hand, thrives on the skin, and shows its face immediately, with the bitterness coming from the burnt, not from herbs. The fragrance will remain this way for the whole middle notes, and in the end you’re in for a big change, with an oriental vanilla.


Bulgari Black perfume has a nasty side, and although not overpowering in intensity, it’s a tad unpleasant. It’s the perfect example of the fact that a perfume doesn’t have to “smell good” – or not in the conventional way anyway – to be liked and worn. 


It’s generally considered unisex, but not for the usual presence of not-too-masculine, not-too-feminine florals and neutral musks, rather because it smells so different from any typical masculine or feminine fragrance, that the only reasonable thing to do is sharing it.