Burberry The Beat For Men: So, That’s What Urban Perfume Means…

Burberry The Beat Perfume For Men Review

Burberry The Beat Perfume For Men Review

My wish list has a new member: Burberry Perfume The Beat.


It starts green, almost celery-green, of freshly-cut green vegetables, and then it gradually gets more notes: there’s a damp log of wood with citrus; there’s a bitter peppery sweetness; and there are florals with a smudging quality, from which softer, vaguely fruity notes sometimes emerge.


The Beat Burberry For Men blends all that, becoming one of those multifaceted fragrances that changes under your very nose. It goes from fruity to woody and back, with a quick stop-over under a light floral shelter, even becoming slightly soapy in the end.


I’m not sure if the concept of “urban perfume” exists, and if it makes sense at all, but if it does, that’s what this fragrance is all about. Because its bitterness is not always pleasant, because it changes a lot, and it’s kind of rough at times. Just like the different smells of a city, changing at every corner. The Beat For Men Burberry is woody, but so much more, it’s complex and sophisticated. Two tries were not enough to get the whole idea of it, but it will be mine before winter comes, so I’ll have plenty of more encounters to perfect our acquaintance.