Burberry Body Perfume For Women: No Praise, No Blame

This is one of the latest Burberry perfumes for women, launched in September 2011. On the blotter it started upfront with a floral nuclear blast (I read there’s rose and iris) which indeed felt quite natural, like real bunch of flowers from a very close distance.


When the dust settles down, after a couple of minutes, it starts to breathe a little and becomes more manageable. On the skin however, things got more interesting, as the opening is less loaded with florals, which are mixed with an aromatic, semi-bitter, almost masculine woodsy note.


So spray it carefully if it’s your first time, just to find out what reaction you will get. Either way, it won’t change much for a while, and even if you get the herbal note, as it grows, it will become 100% floral, soapier and more powdery. As you would expect, musk also grows and also some sweet notes in the end (patchouli?) make it slightly more seducing.


Not great, not awful, this Burberry perfume for women, although the green note mixed with the florals is indeed interesting. It will be good  for an everyday use, not for special occasions. But we still need perfumes like this, right?



Burberry Body New Fragrance Review