Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise Review: Everyone Loves It

Beyond Paradise For Women

Beyond Paradise For Women for women

And it’s pretty clear why. It’s “only” few years old – it was launched in 2003 – but already a classic. Most women love it, the rest appreciate it without loving it, and a few think that it just won’t work on their skin.


The starting is very interesting, floral with jasmine, but with citrus notes that produce an anise-like effect. When citrus disappear, the soul of the perfume comes out in the shape of a dense and creamy floral, mixed with a juicy-pear-kind-of-thing, something with a sweet and fruity edible quality, producing something new that can be very much simplified as “tropical.”


You may like this fragrance or not, but the balance of the accord makes you wonder how she did that, she being Calice Becker (J’Adore by Dior, Tommy Girl): creaminess, juiciness, sweetness, floralcy, all in one, and for a good while, giving a transparent girl-next-door-in-summertime effect.


As the perfume moves on however, the pear gradually vanishes, and Beyond Paradise Estee Lauder becomes denser and more powdery. It’s still floral at this stage, but the “innocence” of the beginning is long gone. The girl next door seems to have gotten some experience of the world now…