Beauty Perfume By Calvin Klein Review: The Odd One In

Beauty by CK is a complex fragrance, and considering that all the CK perfumes I tried so far are all pretty simple, straightforward and almost flimsy, the complexity in this one was more than welcome.


It starts with very quick fruity notes, and then you’ll get a bouquet of intense and dense white florals, which are given a paintbrush of spicy, woody and citrus notes. It feels like a diluted version of Opium, but not in a derogatory way. Quite the opposite: intense and extreme don’t have to be always the same thing, and there goes your proof.


In the heart notes, the florals are still intense, but the sour nose-filling side is left out, in favour of the cleaner one (probably thanks to jasmine), which melts great with the citrus. The result is a great balance between intensity and cleanness at a general level, but many other things as well: sweet + sour (from the floral) + fresh (from the citrus) + powdery + spices. This means you will feel all of them, but none will step on the other. In the dry down it will become softer, slightly warmer and cleaner.


Calvin Klein Perfume Beauty is a mature fragrance: 30-35, maybe 40 would be the appropriate entry age I believe. It was launched in 2010 an created by Sophie Labbe (Nina Ricci Premier Jour).


I liked all the Calvin Klein perfumes I reviewed so far, but this stroke me as the odd one, and in a positive way. It’s a more oriental version of Beautiful and a more human version of Opium. Intense can be moderate, and normal can have a twist. On top of that, it’s quite sexy.



CK Calvin Klein Beauty Perfume Review

CK Calvin Klein Beauty Perfume Review