Estee Lauder Beautiful Perfume Review: Here To Stay

Beautiful by Estee Lauder perfume was created by living legend Sophia Gojsman (Tresor by Lancome, Eternity for women by Calvin Klein and Lalique by Lalique) in 1985.


It starts with a type of sourness like the one of ylang-ylang, which covers 50% of the space, with a truckload of florals covering the other half. Very hard to pick one in particular, although  I could swear there is carnation with its quiet strength, under that cloud of sourness (the memory of Caron Bellodgia perfume review is still fresh).


After a while, Beautiful parfum becomes green as well, and there you have a full green-sour picture, with a rich bouquet underneath. That will be the signature note of the fragrance until the dry down, when – after a while of good old floral powerhouse – musks come in. They’re far from banal though, as they are spot-on and blend perfectly, keeping the same intensity but making the whole thing slightly warmer.


The final result is a deep, rather than dense fragrance (although you will certainly feel it in the nostrils), as complex as you want it to be, but not in an intimidating way.


Beautiful Fragrance Estee Lauder is from the Eighties, and it shows the taste if its time. It’s still very popular, especially among those who were in their twenties in that decade (and are not too fussy about the inevitable reformulations it underwent in these years). I guess it’s because of the memories it brings (a perfectly good reason to wear a perfume) or because the imprinting of their tastes formed in those years.


Having said that, it’s a beautiful thing: of all the feminine perfumes from the “past” I tried so far, this is the one that I found the most pleasurable; the one that, although from more than two decades ago (an Eternity, in perfume years), it’s still not old enough to retire.


Beautiful Perfume For Women By Estee Lauder

Beautiful Perfume For Women By Estee Lauder