Baghari Perfume By Robert Piguet: Simple And Deep

If you’re not used to aldehydes and there’s no other strong note to contrast them (like florals in Chanel n. 5 for example), chances are that you’ll get a WTF moment when you smell them. At least, this is what happened to me with Baghari Robert Piguet perfume.


Aldehydses are organic compounds with an unique smell, which is hard to pinpoint because it doesn’t remember of anything that exists in nature. An approximation I can think of, is a mix of a citrusy quality with a light sweetness that reminds of honey or even urine. In less graphic terms, Aldehydes are a neon light that transforms, blends, roils everything it touches.

In the case of Robert Piguet Baghari, these are fruity and floral notes. Gradually aldehydes start fading, but it’s like they decide to take the rest of the notes with them, making everything blend. A more comfortable accord of musk and vanilla comes to the rescue in the dry down.


Do you like simple and deep? Robert Piguet by Baghari has it.


Baghari Piguet Perfume Review

Baghari Piguet Perfume Review