Azzaro Chrome For Men Review: Is There Such Thing As Too Clean?

Perfume Chrome Azzaro Review

Perfume Chrome Azzaro for men

I think there is.


The name couldn’t be more appropriate: Azzaro Chrome cologne is a basket full of clean laundry, brushed with a layer of metallic paint. Yes, there are citrus, but you may even not notice them, as you may be overwhelmed by the extreme cleanness of dihydromyrcenol, a molecule used in laundry detergents and defined by Chandler Burr (who admittedly hates it) “a molecule that smells like sink cleanser spilled on an aluminium counter” (from The Perfect Scent).


And that is probably the perfect definition for this Chrome perfume for men. But this doesn’t mean it’s that bad, just overused. After all, Cool Water contains the same thing in even higher quantities and it’s still well loved.


After about half an hour, masculine floral notes and an aromatic rosemary start to pierce the metallic barrier and Chrome Azzaro cologne will become, if possible, even cleaner, this time in a soapy, rather than detergent-like way. The dihydromyrcenol galore will continue until the end, but with a nice piece of wood floating in it, making the fragrance a bit deeper and with a hint of warmth.


To me, Chrome parfum is somewhere between Kenzo Pour Homme and Cool Water, but I personally prefer the extremities: Kenzo’s perfume has its peculiar smell, and Cool Water has its chest covered with a little bit of hair instead of tin-foil.