Armani Eau Pour Homme Eau De Toilette: One Childhood Memory At A Time

So that’s the perfume I smelt one day on my older sister’s boyfriend when I was a kid. Personal digression, to say this is from a couple of years ago, 1984, created by Roger Pellegrino.


The opening of Armani Pour Homme is with a fragrant, very real orange, and – childhood knocking at my door again – the same taste I used to get sucking these fruit drops. In the background however, there is already a spicey herb of some sort., which feels a bit bitter and a bit dirty, a type of warm-but-cold cardamom.


When the heart notes start to take shape, with orange slowly fading out, this Armani perfume for men becomes a soft but solid masculine, warm, spicy, soapy, and sustained by woods until the dry down.


And yet, Armani Eau De Toilette Pour Homme seemed to lack of something. But then I realised it was rather for something it had: its 28 years of age. It must have been quite sophisticated in its time though, and it may still evoke some nostalgic memory of youth.  As for me, I prefer my orange fruit drops.


Armani Eau Pour Homme Review

Armani Eau Pour Homme Review