Armani Code For Women Review: If You Really Want To Go Unnoticed…

Armani Code perfume for women

Georgio Armani Code for women

Three first class noses behind Armani Code Pour Femme: Carlos Benaim (Eternity for men, Euphoria, Nina Ricci Premier Jour), Dominique Ropion (Amarige by Givenchy, Lady Million), and Olivier Polge (Flowerbomb). The result? Meh.


The opening is so light and bright to be almost, well… nothing, I couldn’t smell a thing. But after five minutes there you go: the citrus comes out and it’s not an ordinary one, very delicate on its own, and refined by jasmine. After this gentle and well mannered start, I don’t know what happened. Sure it becomes a pleasant floral, sure jasmine and orange blossom are good together, sure it won’t smell bad at all. But sure it feels cheap and with not much personality. The base is as harmless as the heart, with the florals giving in to vanilla and honey.


If we really have to find a place, that would be for the days when we don’t want to stand out from the crowd, and we’d rather go unnoticed. For that thing, this Armani perfume will be perfect, still making you smell pleasant. See? It’s not all wasted….