Anais Anais By Cacharel: The Day I Unleashed The White Floral Monster

This perfume can be really nasty, so careful with the spray, because under the super rich, slightly heady and complex bouquet, there’s an evil white floral bitch, with the potential of being animalic, unpleasant and bitter, even fecal at times. Spray too much of it and  you will have, at least in the first half an hour, a soup of florals gone bad, a beautiful garden with a dead corpse hidden somewhere.


That’s at least what happened on my skin. On the blotter it was still heady and intense, but always fresh and gentle, and that’s probably how it is most of the times, so don’t’ be scared off by strong metaphors. This frightening phase won’t last for long, but long enough to leave a mark on my memory for a while. After proving its point, Anais Anais Cacharel Women calms down, and it’s a fully bearable floral again: intense and dense, but with some humanity in it.


In the dry down, the amount of musk is limited, it won’t become much warmer, keeping the same floralcy, just at lower levels. I’m actually glad this is the Eau de Toilette: an Eau de Parfum version of this stuff would have probably made my hand fall off my wrist.


But that was me, with my rough and uneducated male skin. With you and your gentler feminine skin, the beast may decide to remain in its den, and you would have a complex and rich floral, although its intensity needs to be checked and controlled anyway. Not for young girls.



Cacharel Anais Anais Perfume Review

Cacharel Anais Anais Perfume Review